Finding Parts!

Jessica reached out to dozens of repair shops in the Orlando area asking for used car shocks and brake discs. The base and stem of the daisy will be made by welding the shocks to the brake discs.  We set the brake discs out in the side yard to let them rust. Eventually, we’ll clear coat the pieces to maintain that rusty look without transferring the mess.

collecting parts 2


collecting parts 1


With the help of The Maker Effect FoundationMaker Faire OrlandoMakerFX Maker Space and Factur (all of Orlando, Florida) we are finally able to bring the Fire Breathing Daisy to life!

Simply put, the idea of a fire breathing daisy seemed like the ultimate maker project. Mechanical and organic, building a delicate flower from reclaimed car parts allowed Jessica to use her favorite word. Juxtaposition.

Project Fiona will debut at Maker Faire Orlando on October 21 and 22, 2017.